Treasure Map Chest Contents - Question about Storm Cloak

Started by Crimson Shirt, November 22, 2020, 02:31:24 PM

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Crimson Shirt

I used to get Storm Cloaks every 2nd or 3rd chest.  The previous 10 or 11 chests I
have not gotten any.  Have they been removed from the loot list for treasure chests,
or their priority lowered to the point they are extremely rare?  I have some left over,
but do not want to use them up for mundane tasks, if they are now only obtainable
in the end game treasure as part of the pirate map quest.

cear dragon

Hey Crimson!

There have been ZERO changes to treasure maps. You are currently on a bad RNG (random number generator) streak. Keep it up and you should get some cloaks. If this issue persists another 10-20 chests then let me know. Perhaps there is something wrong with system time on the VM but it appears to be updating.

Crimson Shirt

Okay, I understand that.  Most statistical tests have a minimum of 50 attempts before
establishing an average.