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New portrait

Started by Shid, December 19, 2017, 10:29:18 AM

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Also U6O data website is here.


LB,Nystul,Geoffrey,Children,Minter,Reagents vendors,Gargoyles.

Vendors in Britain,Jhelom,New Magincia,Minoc.

Vendors in Yew,Empath abbey,Serpent's hold,Paws.Trinsic,Moonglow,Skara brae,Buccaneer's den.

Healers and Innkwwpers, Eight virtues and Companions of the avatar.

Mayors and Gypsies.People involved with maps, plus one.

Inhabitants of LBcastle and Quest people,Bards,Fighters,Injured.Beard.



cear dragon

Shid this is pretty awesome. Would you mind if we hosted those portraits here and linked to them under the Ultima VI Online graphics updates page on the left side menu? Credit will still go to you of course.
I could get that done over the holidays. Again, really cool! :D