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It is working now.
General Discussion / Re: Active Players
September 14, 2020, 08:33:44 PM
Quote from: xHavokx on August 20, 2020, 04:37:54 AM
Hey I've always been thinking about trying this out again! I was an old player named Galad, I was acutally wondering if old people still got to keep there old account? I totally forget my account name and password of course..tbh I hope they all just got wiped LOL! so i can start over fresh and not have to worry and wonder if my character (and others) are still around.

EDIT: So i just tried to login creating a new character and it seems old characters ARE still around lol. Anyway I could try to prove that its me and get my old character back? names Galad. tbh I think they should have been wiped and started over. Im sure that will piss off a few people from the past but at this point. It just feels unfair considering I know some people have A LOOOOOOOOOOT of to the point of no competition for new characters. Mainly perfect stats for more going towards mage type characters considering I know the +'s on armor is so rare and some have gotten ridiculous random drops by now. Mainly speaking of leather armor with high +'s so you can go more INT..not sure if things have changed but I also remember some farmed daily to get the BEST NPC's with the best stats..which I always found annoying and unfair a bit..oh well just giving my 2 cents on things I remember. It could be totally different by now for all I know :/

If you're XxGaladXx, and you were around during the days that Kaldosh hosted the server, all those old character saves are long gone.  That server was shutdown in the fall of 2009.