Ultima 6 Online (U6O) Release & Download
U6O does not have any special system requirements, most computers will have these by default.
Windows 95 or higher
DirectX 7.0 or higher
If you are updating your current version of U6O by downloading a new client remove the old version first. Remember to keep your username and password which if forgotten can be found in userinfo.txt

1. Download either U6O.ZIP or U6O.RAR
(links at bottom of page)
2. Extract the compressed folders
3. Run U6O.EXE
Sometimes after running U6O people notice either no text or incorrect fonts. After restarting your computer this problem usually fixes itself. If not try copying the fonts in the dr folder into your windows font folder in the control panel.
HOW TO PLAY (last revised on 18th January, 2006)
Please read this carefully, it explains all the controls you'll need to play U6O. There is also a non-compulsory walkthru to help new players in-game.

Display "Windows"
There are three types of display "windows"
1. PARTY-STATUS window (displays sun, moons, wind direction, all party member's faces, hp, mp, and spellbook button. You can click on a party member's face to hise/show thier inventory window which is show by default)
2. INVENTORY window (one for each party member, displays ALL stats, equipped items, and inventory items)
3. SPELLBOOK window (if a spellbook is equipped, this window appears, it can be hidden/displayed using the spellbook button in the party-status window)
ALL windows may be DRAGGED (moved to a different location) using the RIGHT MOSE BUTTON.

Moving Items
To PICK UP an item, click on it (you must be standing next to it!), the item now appears on your mouse cursor
To DROP an item (currently being held on the mouse cursor) click on the place you wish to drop it
To ADD ITEM TO INVENTORY, drop it on the grid of 16 circles in your INVENTORY window
To WEAR an item, drop it on a circle in your INVENTORY window above the place on the "body" it should be worn (for example, boots need to be put on the circle on the "body"'s feet, your strength determines how much you can equip)

Picking up PARTIAL AMOUNTS (of gold/torches/etc.)
To SPLIT/PARTIALLY PICK UP an amount of an item:
i. HOLD SHIFT while typing the number/quantity you wish to pick up
ii. HOLD SHIFT AGAIN (OR WHILE STILL HOLDING SHIFT) and click on the group of items you wish to pick up
(for example, There are 100 gold nuggets on the ground! But I can only carry 85, so I hold shift and type the number 85, then (still holding shift, or holding it down again) I click on the pile of nuggets)

Using Items

DOORS/LEVERS/CHESTS(to open them)/LADDERS/etc., press U then click on it
POTIONS/FOOD/FISHING ROD/etc., PICK UP the item (so that it is on your mouse cursor), press U (the item remains on the mouse cursor, but the cursor changes to the "use" cursor), then click on the person/place/item you wish to use it on (for example, food on a party member, fishing rod on ocean, rune on force field, empty bucket on a cow)

Looking at Items
Press L then click on the item you want to LOOK at.
IMPORTANT! Look at items you wish to take, if it says "Taking this is stealing!" you will lose KARMA!

Press L and click on the container.
If the container is IN YOUR INVENTORY you will look inside that container, otherwise everything inside that container will be extracted (taken out)

To talk to OTHER PLAYERS NEARBY, press T, type, then press enter
To talk PRIVATELY to another player, press T, type, then click on the player
To talk GLOBALLY (to everyone in Britannia), HOLD SHIFT and press T, type, then press enter
To talk to a COMPUTER CONTROLED CHARACTER (NPC), press T, type, then click on the character
TIP! NPCs respond to keywords like NAME, JOB, BYE, BUY, SELL or any word they say highlighted in red. If you don't type any keyword it's the equivalent of saying hello to begin the conversation.
To continue talking to an NPC you have just begun talking to hold CONTROL and press T, then once you finish typing simply press enter. This allows you to continue a conversation with an NPC without having to click on them each time you type. (As they move around a lot this can be very handy)
To VOICE CHAT with other players locally hold the V key on your keyboard. Only messages less than 3 seconds long can be sent.

WHO (tells you which other players are currently in Britannia)
KAL LOR (these words call for help, after a 1 minute delay you will be returned to Britain at the cost of one sixteenth of your experience points)
playername (this stops another player from annoying you by changing their words to ... instead)
/IGNORE playername (this stops another annoying player's messages or voice chat from being displayed/played at all)

Press A, then click on the target to ATTACK
ADVANCED TECHNIQUE! After pressing A, numbers will appear above each enemy, instead of clicking on them you may press a number key instead (very useful when targetting a moving enemy)
NOTE! You can STOP ATTACKING by pressing A twice OR pressing A and clicking on yourself

Spell Casting
NOTE! Before you can cast you need to buy a spellbook, spell(s) and reagents
PICK UP the spell, press L, click on the (not equipped) spellbook, DROP the spell into the spellbook
Once you have a spell in your spellbook equip it and the SPELLBOOK window will appear
Click on the spell you wish to cast (the blue number shows how many times you can cast it with the reagents you have), then click on the place you wish to cast it
ADVANCED TECHNIQUE! Once you click on an attack spell, small numbers will appear above each target, press the number key instead of clicking on the target
COOL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! Click on the spell, then HOLD SHIFT and press a key from F5 to F12, the key is now a shortcut to that spell. By pressing the key (doesn't need shift), if you are holding a spellbook with that spell it will select it for casting!

Controlling Other Party Members
Press a number key, 1 is yourself, 2 is your second party member, etc.
WARNING! Only paid party members will stay if you quit U6O! You will loose any items carried by original party members (Dupre, Iolo, etc.) if you exit while they are still travelling with you!

You can CANCEL an action by pressing ESC, this changes the mouse cursor back to the normal arrow

Hide/Display the volume meters by pressing S (They are displayed by default)
The VOICE volume meter is especially for Voice Chat. By setting it to nothing/minimum volume you will stop receiving the wave data of voice chat messages which can save you bandwidth.

You can switch between the full-screen window 1024x768 or a half size window 512x384 by pressing the M key

Press Q to quit


Download The Client

Please choose a UNIQUE username and character name. Otherwise after going through the character creation process you will be told to begin again as that username/character name is in use.
Type "KAL LOR" at any time to return to Britain if stuck, however you will lose one sixteenth of your experience points.
WARNING! Stealing items makes you lose KARMA (read about KARMA on website), if you loose all Karma your character will be permanently erased.