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Couple questions from a new person

Started by Juliard, January 14, 2018, 03:19:56 PM

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Neat to discover this! Excited to mess around in one of my favorite Ultima games.

Couple questions:

- Is there any way to readjust the window size? Or do fullscreen? The bottom of my window is being clipped off. Didn't even realize there's a text window down there, until I changed my screen resolution. But I don't want to do that every time I want to play.

- Is there a way to delete a character or start over? Don't like my stats, but don't want to lose my name.



-As far as I know, we cannot make the window larger than default size. It can make smaller if you press M key though.

-I heard that we players can delete the own character by reducing karma of the character. Your character can reduce the karma by stealing items in the town.
But I do not know whether you can re-use the name of the character whom you deleted by this way.

cear dragon

Window size cannot be increased. I spent a lot of time trying and i could not make this feature.

you can have multiple accounts with the same char name. Many do it.