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Ultima VI Online Alive and Well!

You may now once again connect to Ultima Six Online and play with friends. Simply change the dns.txt file to read

And launch the client.
You can also just download the new client package unzip and go at   The U6O Mainpage

Ultima Six Online is now provided via a stable dedicated server in Eastern North America With a 10 Mpb/s Connection!
Log in and party!
See you in destard…

Ultima Six Online To Return – When and Where

Things have finally settled down. in a time where things are shaking up here. Tomorrow my power goes out and I begin morning into my new home. The second my net is up, i’m proud to announce we will have a dedicated server with a 10 Mbs connection in the united states (east coast)
I will re-upload the client for download on all linked sites, and i’ll post the new IP Address here on the main page blog when its up and running for those who wish to just change the dns.txt in the main folder for Ultima VI Online.

Please stand by!