Ultima Six Online Patcher Released

Hello Britannians,

For many ages we have struggled against the ever changing dns.txt and client updates in general.
I am beginning work on a patcher for you all to use to quickly update game files if updates are available.

Here is the link for the current prototype

Every 10 minutes the dns.txt file will be updated online. This program can fetch the latest dns.txt from this website and update you. Just extract and place this in your ultima six online folder.

There is also an option to update the entire client. Next time there is a client change this program can get the latest client from the web server and and place it in your u6o directory as a zip file.

Please place and ideas, recommendations, or feedback in this thread.


Shards Online Kickstarter is a Go!

Check The video below and be sure to consider backing their kickstarter.
A modest goal of 50,000 will be matched to 100,000 if the goal is reached.

Ultima Online meets Neverwinter Nights in this subscription-free online PC game where the community can change all the rules.

New Client Download and Reinstated Item Dropoff Spot

We have a new client available for download. The only thing in this patch is world building changes.

The Buc’s Den Gauntlet remains the same for whatever poor soul tries to get rich there.

Some of you older players may remember the Guild. Its the room underground in the North East

corner of Britain. For years there was a safe spot of tables where players could drop off unwanted

items they came across for newer players. Well the dysfunctional that befell that area when the server

changed hands has been rectified thanks largely to Drewski’s map editor. ┬áThe guard tower in the same

area is now a safe drop off area for items. Items placed here will never decay and are free to take.

Don’t really need a plus 3 magic bow? Drop it off here!

Donations Needed for Website

Once a year around September and October we ask for donations to keep the website running.

Donations help the website stay up, message boards running, and client downloads and updates easily accessible.
Donations are greatly appreciated and help keep things running smoothly but are not required at all.

If donations are met: Nothing changes. Things go on as they are now. Donation link is removed the moment hosting / domain are paid for.

If donations are not met: The game remains available!!! But the website and support will go down until I can raise the money myself. Working as a teaching aid at my university, I would ball park that for around 3-4 months if I acquire no more debt.

If you find you have anything to give it would be tremendously appreciated.
The link is below.

See you in Britannia!

Lord British, Geoffrey, and Sir Dupre Present: The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet!

The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet!

I, Cear Dragon, do deeply apologize to the citizens of Britannia.

Moving across the city and encountering endless technical difficulties has
caused moongates to Britannia from your PC to become inactive for quite some time.
Therefore I have taken it upon myself to speak with Lord British, Geoffrey, and Sir Dupre
directly for a way to repay you all.

With tensions on the rise between human and gargoyle, Britannia needs its strongest, and most clever, on the battlegrounds. Designed by Captain of the Guard Geoffrey, approved by Sir Dupre, and Funded by thy King, Lord British, we of Ultima VI Online present to you, The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet!

The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet Is an exciting new addition to Ultima VI Online
The Riches are mild, but the Challenge is there. I dare anyone to trek this labyrinth of pain with out a tremor or kill staff!

The best part of the gauntlets it that It will not be removed from play. It will open up to five times a year. Each time I open the gauntlet the monster arrangement, traps, and loot will always be different.

We here at Castle British hope you find this both challenging and rewarding. Don’t forget to buy life insurance in Moonglow…

See you in Britannia!


Largest Ultima VI Event Yet!

Earthquakes that rival the cataclysm have struck Britannia world wide for three days! After the ocean waters settled down citizens are reporting wealth and death on all shores! While Lord British’s Navy has yes to find the source of these washings on the beaches, Rumor has it that trade vessels traveling from Britain and Trinsic in route to Hythloth to speak with the gargoyles are vanishing, and all attempts to find them are meeting without success.


Travel the seas with risk Britannian’s

This is the largest terror you have faced yet.


You will need the latest version of this game to participate.
Hurry in game and find your treasure!

The pay off of this event is so large that it simple cannot go on forever.

Britannia Could Use Your Help, Avatar

The time has come for the website to be paid for again for another year of hosting. This site consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth even though the Ultima Six Online Wiki has moved off site. In my current situation I again simply cannot afford to pay for another years hosting and domain registration. Should any Britannians feel the need to show compassion for the cause, please use the Donate button below to donate any amount of currency you desire to help for this cost. The website will shut down on November 6th. Should no donations come in, the game server will still remain standing and maintained. Events will continue as soon as I’m out of the hospital on November 10th. The game will continue to be updated as well. The only thing lost will be the website and all things associated with that web-page until the day arrives that I can afford to renew it myself, assuming no one snatches up the domain. Should anyone donate, you have my thanks, and the thanks of all of Ultima Six Online’s players and enthusiasts.

No Need for more donations! All has been paid in full! Thank each other citizens of Britannia!

See you in Britannia…

Ultima VI Online Server IP Changes!

If you find that you cannot connect to the U6O server please change your dns.txt to read only as follows:

If you continue to have any issues please contact me here

Mad Mages Strike Again!

The mad mage Penumbra’s experiments with cell division have gone as awry!
Little is know what cause the cell division to get out of hand, but what is known is that most of middle
Moonglow is covered in slime!
With the towns mages trapped in their homes with walls of slime, Lord British is calling on the Royal
Britannian Guard to assist!

With most of the land’s able warriors sailing to Moonglow to assist, the Dragons of Destard have yet again begun making their way to the walls of Trinsic! Is Britannia doomed? Will there be enough brave and able warriors skilled enough to take on this dividing threat?

We will find out tonight, June third, at 9:30 PM EST when this event kicks off!

Server Up

After the bad storms last week there was lots of electrical damage to the server housing. As of right now all is well and back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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