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General Discussion / Re: SERVER STATUS
January 25, 2018, 11:13:13 AM
Server is down :-\
-As far as I know, we cannot make the window larger than default size. It can make smaller if you press M key though.

-I heard that we players can delete the own character by reducing karma of the character. Your character can reduce the karma by stealing items in the town.
But I do not know whether you can re-use the name of the character whom you deleted by this way.
General Discussion / New portrait
December 19, 2017, 10:29:18 AM

Also U6O data website is here.


LB,Nystul,Geoffrey,Children,Minter,Reagents vendors,Gargoyles.

Vendors in Britain,Jhelom,New Magincia,Minoc.

Vendors in Yew,Empath abbey,Serpent's hold,Paws.Trinsic,Moonglow,Skara brae,Buccaneer's den.

Healers and Innkwwpers, Eight virtues and Companions of the avatar.

Mayors and Gypsies.People involved with maps, plus one.

Inhabitants of LBcastle and Quest people,Bards,Fighters,Injured.Beard.


General Discussion / Re: Active Players
November 26, 2017, 02:27:35 AM
I was one of active player until several weeks ago. However I don't play it now.

I made a new character and raised LV to 3 and changed my portrait.
But it was returned to a default portrait I chose at starting game, when I logged in again after about an hour passed.
This problem happened twice. I lost 2000EXP and motivation. :'(