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The Town of Justice Needs You

The town of justice needs your help! Brigands and outlaws from across Britannia

have attacked yew and freed the prisoners! They are holding up along the roads and

ambushing travelers from inside buildings. They have amassed a force over over two hundred men and monster.

Even the gargoyles do not stand a chance! Quickly Avatar! For Justice!
This weekend event will last until Monday’s server reset. See you in Britannia.

Dragons And Drakes Oh My!: The Trinsic Honor Guard Needs You!

Alastor Gordon, mayor of Trinsic is calling all able bodied fighters to come to the city’s aid. Just this morning fires were seen in the woods east of Trinsic, spewing forth from the caverns of Destard. Dragons and Drake have been heard roaring throughout the early morning, and even one towns person, sandy the cook, spotted a drake just outside the town gates.
Grab thy +3 Triple Crossbow and glass swords ladies and gentlemen.
This weekends live event is a massive hoard of Dragons and Drakes.
Do not approach alone.

Beware: Gargoyles!

Strange lunar forces are driving the Gargoyle horde deep into
Britain! Arm thyselves to the teeth should you wish to visit Britain’s
Major shops! British Commands the town militia to advance! Log in and do such!

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