The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet!

I, Cear Dragon, do deeply apologize to the citizens of Britannia.

Moving across the city and encountering endless technical difficulties has
caused moongates to Britannia from your PC to become inactive for quite some time.
Therefore I have taken it upon myself to speak with Lord British, Geoffrey, and Sir Dupre
directly for a way to repay you all.

With tensions on the rise between human and gargoyle, Britannia needs its strongest, and most clever, on the battlegrounds. Designed by Captain of the Guard Geoffrey, approved by Sir Dupre, and Funded by thy King, Lord British, we of Ultima VI Online present to you, The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet!

The Buccaneers Den Gauntlet Is an exciting new addition to Ultima VI Online
The Riches are mild, but the Challenge is there. I dare anyone to trek this labyrinth of pain with out a tremor or kill staff!

The best part of the gauntlets it that It will not be removed from play. It will open up to five times a year. Each time I open the gauntlet the monster arrangement, traps, and loot will always be different.

We here at Castle British hope you find this both challenging and rewarding. Don’t forget to buy life insurance in Moonglow…

See you in Britannia!