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New Client For Download

New Client Available for Download Click here

Passwords are now encrypted with SHA256. That means that I cannot recover lost passwords from now on. I can still reset them to something else of course. Passwords are now case sensitive (they were not before).
Client update is required
If you are having trouble logging in and you are sure your pw is correct then post it in the bug reports and/or pm me.

Ultima 6 Online Compatible Graphics Updates!

The Ultima VI Online Community has been churning out a few new graphics
updates, Check out the Three new Tilesets and see which one fits your game play!
Rustic medieval terrain? a bright nostalgic setting? or both?

Server Is Back Up!

The Server is back up for a few days down, just change the first line of your dns.txt to

This file (dns.txt) is located in your Ultima Six Online main folder. See you in Britannia!

Ultima VI Online Server Down-time

This just in from developer Mose:

I will be going to assembly tomorrow so the server will go down again. I might host the
server when I’m there, but don’t count on it. I will post the changed ip when and if I decide to run the server there.

PS. In the unlikely case there are any Finnish players who are attending assembly this year they can post a reply in this thread and I will PM you where my computer place is located. I just might give you something special in game if you come to say hi.

If the server is not hosted at the assembly, expected down time if four days.

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