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New U6O Client Available For Download!

Mose has been hard at work lately fixing bugs and adding content.

Thus, a new client is born. Click here to get the newest version of Ultima Six Online
Along with the new client is a new Quest, for the avatar’s pocket watch!

Being able to tell time in dungeons will help you plan your escape in time to meet the
Shopkeepers and healers when they open at dawn.
Some information about the quest can be found here.
See you in Britannia.

The Updates Keep Comming

Ultima VI Online has been getting some love lately!

the main page has been updated with a new look, and new Wiki, and links to the Official Forums and other resources.
After being up only a few days developer, Mose, has squashed a few bugs, and begun adding player requested items and quests in to the game! Never beat an ultima? Looking for a new online world? Now is the best time to join in and throw down in Britannia!

Ultima Six Online Revived

Galleon Dragon’s ambitious re-creation of Ultima 6 — which has been brought back online by mose — takes the game into the online realm, allowing you to play against other Ultima fans. It also implements many of the quest features of the game.

As with most remakes that use the original graphics for the game, this remake requires the original game data files to be installed on your hard drive.

However, the game also features a number of graphical improvements which build off of the original game data, such as higher-resolution objects and transparent atmospheric effects.

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