Save your user login and trash that old client, the following changes have come to Ultima VI Online:

To adjust to U6O’s growing population monster respawn rates have been increased
Global chat messages may now be sent every 10 seconds
Most of Britannia’s shopkeepers will now respond to the “Bulk” command, allowing you to sell all items in all party members packs at once
The chance to fail casting a spell has been reduced for many high level spells
Spell books now have a chance to be found on gargoyle corpses
The chance to discover a treasure map on defeated monsters has been slightly increased
Anti Virtue dungeons have been revamped with unique loot for you to discover (if you can cross the lava)
Swamp boots now have a change to spawn with enhanced defensive properties( like all + items)
Various world changes to prevent characters being stuck on islands if someone logs out after taking a public raft for a ride (IE: Skara/Hornace)
The games client will no longer hang at “Mouse Cursors Loaded”

Coming soon: A night time shopkeeper that will buy items for slashed prices and sell for inflated prices while other vendors are sleeping
hit shop is currently in Britain above Max’s shop

The Ultima VI Team is also proud to announce weekly events!
The pipeline for weekly live events first went into testing 2 months ago with
a gargoyle invasion in Britain. The event was a huge success and the Live Event
cycle is now a permanent addition to Ultima VI Online. You may view the event below:
(I would Recomend Fullscreen and 720p)

After this event was the Destard Outbreak west of trinsic:

And most recently the Yew Prison riot
Yew Prison Break

Not many survived this one….

With the release of this publish the new year event cycle is still under way featuring the rise of the worlds fallen pirates.
The undead now swarm wrecked ships off the coast of Trinsic and its barrier island. Beware, you must travel there on ship, and they do not take kindly to mages…

Thank you all for reading and helping bring Ultima VI Online back. I hope you will join us and the other Avatars from around the globe in keeping Britannia alive and well.

Expansion Credits:

Producer: Cear Dragon
Senior Game Designers: Micro Magic, Scette, Xenkan
Content Addition: Cear Dragon, Micro Magic, Scette
Senior Programmer: Xenkan
Live Event Content: Cear Dragon, Micro Magic

Special Thanks go to:
Galleon Dragon
Night Torch
And Wonko (your death amuses me)
Extended special thanks to all the people at Ultima Aiera and all the people who have ever helped Ultima VI Online.
This includes all of its players, past and present.
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